Helen R Gaus


In this series of works, a painting evolves when spontaneous brush work is “corralled” by composed geometry in washes and lines. A successful painting finds a compositional pose through these sometimes divergent means of mark making. Working onto raw canvas and preserving it allows the armature of the paintings to assert itself and grounds the paintings in physical space. It also allows the initial dabbings of a brush to stand out for consideration, reclaiming an aspect of the process which is often relegated to prep work as a site of creative potential.

Helen R Gaus, b. 1987, lives and works in San Francisco. She explores ways of representing contemporary relationships to environment, and has experimented with methods of art making from painting and writing to participatory and land-based work. This experimentation is driven by a pursuit for comprehension that pushes our human scope, as well as a desire to cohere different types of knowledge and experience into visual language.

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