Live on Mutiny Radio from Hayes Valley Art Works

Diamond Dave performs his conceptual art piece “Welcome to the capital of the future” on Sundays starting at noon from the grassy knoll at Hayes Valley Art Works. Gail Baugh, February 2016.

On the Common Thread Collective this week, Diamond Dave, Global Val, Clare Walker and Jay Rosenberg talk about 49 Farms and Hayes Valley Art Works, some of the history and “hipstory” of San Francisco, from the 50’s through the Summer of Love to the Freeway Revolt, Loma Prieta and Occupy on Mutiny Radio. We’ll be on the air on Fridays, live from Hayes Valley Art Works,.

Poet and San Francisco staple Diamond Dave Whitaker was recognized on February 2 by the Board of Supervisors, who declared the day in his honor. Laura Waxmann, February 2016.